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About Us

Welcome to Uma Enterprises, where you will get the quality products of all type jewellery along with outstanding customer service, we invite you to have a pleasant shopping experience and join our family to satisfied customers.

Since 1978, UMA ENTERPRISES built relationships with thousands of customers and served their jewellery and we are among the highest rated jewellers in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of merchandise. Our firm has over thirty seven years’ experience in the jewellery industry and we are located in the heart of the pink city, M.I.Road, Jaipur.

We offer you high value by bringing you the greatest selection of jewellery. We have an exclusive range of silver jewellery which has been a favourite of all our discerning clientele. Our clients are our brand ambassadors. Whose recommendations have always favoured our quality and standards with more and more people after all. We have generations of experience behind the name of Uma enterprises.